Important Notice Regarding the Chinese New Year Factory Hiatus

For 2020, the Chinese New Year holiday has officially begun.

Most factories and businesses in China will be closed during this time to allow workers to travel back home to spend the holiday with family.

Shipping and production from China will be impacted as factories will experience delayed manufacturing from now until late February 2020.

To minimize delays, we highly recommend that you buy inventory listed on our website as “ships in 1 day” instead of items that ship in 4-7 day items or are out-of-stock. Items indicated as “ships in 1 day” are currently in-stock in our California warehouse and will not be impacted. 4-7 day shipping items should return to normal shipping frequency starting 2/7/2020.

If you have any questions on this production schedule, please contact us at [email protected]

Alamode Fashion Jewelry

What is white gold? — How can gold be white?

Gold is yellow. White gold is white. How does that make any sense? The simple answer is that white gold is NOT white at all!

Gold is a very soft metal other metals are added to it to make it a stronger alloy. The fineness of gold is expressed in karats which are parts out of 24. So 18 karat gold means 18/24 or 75%. The different metals that are mixed in with the gold are what determine the final color. A more equal balance of copper and silver and you get the medium yellow color we are used to. More copper and you get rose gold.

For white gold, generally, nickel or cadmium is added to get that white silvery color but for 18k white gold, that still means it is 75% gold, so why doesn’t it look yellow? Well, the truth is that is DOES look yellowish but when you are looking at a white gold ring in the store you are not actually looking at white gold. You are looking at rhodium plating surrounding the white gold. Since white gold is yellowish, almost all jewelry makers will disguise the yellow color with a thin layer of rhodium, which is a very hard, very expensive — generally more expensive than gold — white metal.

Like any other plated jewelry, that plating will eventually wear away with use and you will be left with a dull spotty yellowish ring. Of course, the ring can still be re-plated and re-polished and it will look perfect. But why go through the trouble when platinum exists. Platinum jewelry does not need to be plated since they have that white metal color throughout and can be polished just as brilliantly as the rhodium plating on a white gold ring.

Of course, the reason that people generally consider buying white gold in the first place is that it is usually more affordable than platinum. This leads me to my best answer to why you should not buy white gold: sterling silver.

Sterling silver has a more distinctive look that I personally prefer, is much less expensive, and does not need to be plated. While it can oxidize, it can be easily cleaned with cleaning solutions or even just rubbing with your fingers. At the same time, you can also often find sterling silver plated in rhodium which will prevent oxidation. The trade-off is that the plating will also eventually wear away (but is less noticeable since the base metal is approximately the same color).

Now, of course, a lot of people looking to purchase fine jewelry are doing so because of the intrinsic value of the materials and in that case silver can never match gold. But if that is the case, then I would suggest taking the money saved by buying sterling silver and put that into buying a bigger or higher clarity stone. A higher-quality center stone is immediately noticeable unlike silver versus white gold.

Find sterling silver jewelry on

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Daring or Darling? Why not both!

Here are the latest fashionable bracelets styles that will add a radiant glow to your wrist. Brilliant and Sweet! We’ve got a stunning selection of trendy designs from delicate and classy bracelets to bold, wide cuffs and bangles. Your customers will love glamming it up without fear. These bracelets are perfect for any occasion and are always available at amazingly affordable prices.


A gift from the heart for Valentine’s Day

Gifting heart-shaped jewelry is always a sophisticated way to declare your love. An impassioned lover’s heart-shaped gift speaks a silent language to the beloved. Heart Jewelry is popular among women around the globe and never goes out of style. Add this lovely addition to your jewelry assortment ahead of time for Valentine’s Day. Browse our selection of best quality heart jewelry for every kind of Valentine.


Demi-fine jewelry: striking the balance between quality and price

While we are known for our signature TK316 stainless steel jewelry, our upscale 925 sterling silver collection is equally impressive. Our sterling silver is fine enough to be considered as demi-fine jewelry to meet the needs of those who like the finer things in life. Many of our sterling silver designs are crafted with high-quality cubic zirconia stones with a precise micro-pave setting. These are the same techniques used in diamond jewelry pieces. Our 925 sterling silver jewelry is perfect for your everyday wardrobe and lets you stand out on any occasion for the upcoming year.


Classic Blue

This shade represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, and sensitivity – Blue! Blue also represents loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability, and intelligence. The world authority of colors, Pantone, has revealed its color of the year 2020 – Classic Blue. You will no doubt see blue everywhere in this new year. Here, we highly recommend our blue hue jewelry: Montana, Sea Blue, Sapphire, etc. for your jewelry assortment.


Wholesale Designer Inspired Jewelry


Our wholesale, designer inspired jewelry at Alamode Fashion Jewelry will satisfy your customers’ desires to wear affordable jewelry that looks like it should be on the latest fashion model. We have a design team that stays on the cutting edge of fashion trends and produces handmade pieces of fashionable jewelry, with the look of designer quality accessories.

Many of our jewelry items are inspired by pieces created for the rich and famous. We use quality cubic zirconia and Top Grade crystal to produce stones that will last for years of beautiful wear. The settings for our designer inspired jewelry are made from metals, such as brass and 925 sterling silver. We use a coating process that protects the metal and provides long-term wear under normal circumstances. It’s important to follow the care guidelines for each piece of jewelry to enhance the longevity of the plating.


Sparkle Like Markle

One of our current favorite style icons is the Duchess of Sussex herself, Megan Markle. We love Meghan Markle’s chic yet elegant style, especially when it comes to her stunning jewelry accessories.

We’ve got a lovely selection of three-stone engagement rings, sea blue & aquamarine rings, leaf-motif rings, modern ear jackets, and dainty stud earrings for your royal-fan customers. We believe your customers will steal the spotlight with these beautifully-crafted pieces just like the Duchess herself.

Why should you choose Alamode for your designer-inspired jewelry?

At Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we have a worldwide distribution of wholesale designer inspired jewelry. We have been leaders in the wholesale market for over 25 years, so we know what it takes to make your customers happy. Every piece of inspired jewelry that we create is carefully made to have the appearance of high-fashion quality.

If you have any questions about our products or services as a wholesale dealer, contact us by phone or email. One of our customer service representatives will be glad to respond to your inquiry. Regardless of the size of your retail business, we have the products to supply your demand.