How to Wear Midi Rings

What is a midi ring?

(image from Pinterest)

Midi rings are also called knuckle rings because they are tiny delicate rings worn on the middle knuckle of your finger. It is also called a layered ring since you can wear many at the same time.

Midi ring started to become a trend in 2013, and it’s become particularly popular because you can wear and style them in so many different ways. There are so many lovely designs on the market for wearers to mix and match to decorate their fingers according to their preferences.

How to wear midi rings?

The most popular way to wear midi rings is to keep a minimal and delicate look where you only wear one or two rings or very fine bands

(image from Pinterest)
(image from Pinterest)

Our personal favorite way is to layer midi rings with statement rings or cocktail rings to make a bold and unique look. The chunky ring on your fingers complemented by midi ring pieces elevate your outfit in an instant.

Are midi rings comfortable?

If you are new to embracing midi rings, you probably think that they would fall off very easily. However, once you get used to it and, more importantly, choose the right size, you will find that midi rings are surprisingly comfortable and secure.

When choosing comfort-fit midi rings, we usually suggest choosing your midi ring size based on your pinky ring size. Your pinky ring size will often be the correct midi ring size for at least one of your other fingers. If you want to find a midi ring size for a particular finger, you can also consider following the trick. Take your normal ring size and subtract 4. So if your ring size is 7, your midi ring size is likely 3.

The last thing you should keep in mind is to be careful when washing your hands as your midi rings can slip off with soap. You can put in your pocket or purse, or you can always take a small travel pouch wherever you go while keeping your jewelry in place when needed.

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