Christmas themed jewelry, early prep for the holidays.

We have curated a collection of Holiday Gifts just for you and your customers! Start your Christmas themed jewelry collection in style with our selection of snowflake earrings, Christmas tree brooches, and charms. These items make great gifts and the perfect stocking stuffers. We’re sure your customers will love our Christmas collection and will be pleasantly surprised by our always high-quality items. Get your holiday collection ready now!

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Rose Quartz Has Arrived This October

The October birthstone is opal, which is known for its beautiful iridescent colors. Because of the difficulty in obtaining high-quality opal, rose quartz, the other stone associated with October, has become the defacto standard as the October birthstone. Known for its many positive spiritual attributes, rose quartz is associated with soothing feelings, calm, and inner magnetism. It is also said to radiate energy that attracts money, healing, and friendship. Check out our collection of rose quartz jewelry and add this beautiful gemstone to your collection today.

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Fall for Black…

Get ready for a high fashion night out in this Fall season with our black plated jewelry. These mysterious yet beautiful pieces are encrusted with high-quality sparkling CZ stones and crystals. The high contrast makes this collection looks especially priceless and elegant. As an added bonus, our black plating adds an extra layer of protection against tarnish and dirt. We carry a wide selection of black plated jewelry at affordable prices that you can add to your Fall/Winter and Halloween themed jewelry line.

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Prepare for Halloween with our Creepy Cute Animal Themed Jewelry

Celebrate this Halloween with animal-themed jewelry. Our high-quality and handcrafted animal jewelry range from adorable to quirky to even creepy, but they are always cute! These animal-themed jewelry are not only fun for Halloween but also great for accenting your customers’ daily outfits. Hunt these cute animal pieces for your Halloween assortment now!

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Your music festival outfit is incomplete without this chic festival jewelry…

Let this vintage Bohemian jewelry bring out the inner goddess in you. Whether your customers prefer dressing down with antique silver or dressing up with antique gold plating, this vintage Bohemian jewelry will take their look to the next level. These vintage-inspired looks are perfect for music festivals or any event where you want your outfit to be simple yet chic. Shop the best quality vintage Bohemian jewelry at Alamode Fashion Jewelry. Your music festival outfit is incomplete without this festival jewelry!