Welcome to the Alamode Fashion Jewelry Guides. Alamode Fashion Jewelry has been behinds the scenes in the fashion jewelry industry for over 30 years. We have supplied, designed, and manufactured hundreds of thousands of different jewelry styles.  Our customers range from the largest department stores to small mom and pop boutiques.

With these guides and blogs, we hope to help you reach success in starting and flourishing with your own fashion brand. In these guides, you will find helpful explanations and definitions to industry terms and best practices. We also offer practical step by step instructions on how to start your first online store. In addition, we will also teach you how to start listing products on all the major online marketplaces. Get started turning your passion into a thriving business today!

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How to add a product on Amazon without a UPC
Amazon is one of the easiest platforms to use… as a customer. As a seller, the story is quite different.
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Starting your Fashion Brand on Amazon: A Step by Step Introduction
Starting an Amazon Fashion Jewelry brand doesn’t have to be difficult! There’s no getting around it, e-commerce is Amazon. Because
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Christmas themed jewelry, early prep for the holidays.

We have curated a collection of Holiday Gifts just for you and your customers! Start your Christmas themed jewelry collection in style with our selection of snowflake earrings, Christmas tree brooches, and charms. These items make great gifts and the perfect stocking stuffers. We’re sure your customers will love our Christmas collection and will be …


Alamode Fashion Jewelry has been designing, supplying, and manufacturing fashion jewelry for over 30 years. Based in Orange County, California, we have been helping fashion brands big and small excel in the fashion jewelry space.

Because we have been in this industry for so long, we know that it can be an extremely crowded and difficult industry to become established in.  With these guides, we hope to dispel the commonly held myth that establishing your own fashion brand is easy. Building your own fashion brand can be one of the most difficult and competitive activities you can do, but you will find that success in this field will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will encounter.


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