What are cocktail rings and how did they become so popular?

You may have seen movie stars wear exaggerated rings with huge gems walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. Or maybe at a fancy party where immaculately dressed women show off their big colorful rings while holding a glass of red wine.

Appropriately enough, these rings which pair so well with formal drinking occasions are actually called “cocktail rings”.

The United States in the 1920s was a time of social change for women. During that time, women were able to progress and achieve newfound freedoms that they did not have before. Women started to attain the freedom of vote, the freedom to work and even the basic freedom of enjoying fashion. At the same time that new freedoms were being obtained, others were being lost. This was also the time of prohibition and alcoholic beverages were banned. However, this law did not cause the desired outcome of a full renunciation of alcohol. Instead, prohibition forced drinking underground with alcohol still flowing at illegal drinking parties and speakeasies. This illegal alcohol was often expensive and these parties could be glamorous affairs. Attendees would dress to the nines. Many women would wear huge gems on their fingers to draw attention to themselves while drinking their forbidden cocktails. This is how cocktail rings got the name.

Cocktail rings soon became a symbol of a woman’s capabilities and competence from the freedoms attained from the 1920s. Cocktail rings came to represent women’s independence in the economy and in society. While the left-hand ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding rings, the right-hand ring finger has become a signal of independence and competence.

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As time passed, cocktails rings evolved to become a way for women to show their unique personality and identity. At the same time, the designs of cocktail rings started to become more diverse. From flower motifs to chunky-blend elements, these unique designs reflect a woman’s self-confidence, respect, love, and beauty. Now you can pick your favorite cocktail ring to show off your personality and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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To show “YOU”, you can choose a cocktail ring that reflects your personality. The color and style of the unique statement pieces are the full deep meaning of you.

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