What is the difference between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry?

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Luxurious and expensive jewelry is especially appealing for most women and always has been. Jewelry plays a role in the history of clothing for humans, and it is not only a decorative item worn for personal adornment but also a symbol of personal or social status. However, not everyone can afford expensive jewelry. The term “costume jewelry” dates back to the early 20th century, and it reflects the use of the word “costume” to refer to what is now called an “outfit”.

What is Costume Jewelry?

Costume Jewelry is also called “imitated jewelry” or “fashion jewelry”. Originally, costume or fashion jewelry was made of inexpensive simulated gemstones and base metals. Examples could include rhinestones or glass jewelry, set in silver, nickel, or brass. These items looked expensive and gorgeous like real gemstones, provided wearers some kind of replication of fine jewelry, and made wearers look glamorous to complete the “costume”.

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Costume jewelry was also created to replace finer jewelry as everyday wear without fear of damage or loss. Wearers could keep their fine jewelry in good condition to be able to pass down to later generations as an heirloom.

Costume jewelry is also good for stage, theater, or anywhere the accessories needed to be seen by the audience because using real gemstones was not quite feasible.

Costume Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry

As mentioned before, costume jewelry is also called fashion jewelry, so fashion jewelry only differs from costume jewelry is that fashion jewelry is created mostly for following the latest trends and much less timeless.

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Nowadays, you can find fashion jewelry at many fast-fashion retailers such as H&M and Zara. Fashion jewelry satisfies the desires of the latest trends without having to invest in something that might go out of fashion after a few wears. For more affordable and quality costume jewelry and fashion jewelry, visit Alamode Fashion Jewelry.

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